Yamata FY810 Sewing Lockstitch,Reverse,Post Bed,Roller feed +Table+Motor+Assembly required.DIY.

$1,000.00 (as of August 25, 2019, 6:18 pm)


Yamata FY810 One Needle Submit-mattress Lockstith System, zero-4mm, 7.2-10mm, 3000s.p.m., Lockstitch Heavy Responsibility, Curler feed.Correct and constant stitching, adjustable stitch period of among 1 to 8 mm (approximately 6-sixteen stitches to the inch), a spring loaded opposite lever that permits the person to stitch in opposite, Clean and evenly running knee-lifter mechanism,raise of approximately 1/2″, and can effortlessly stitch absolutely anything as much as 1/eight” thick*** It comes entire with stitching System desk, the whole thing (drawer, belt, gear and guideline guide) up to date, packed in sealed containers.*** Motor tupe on your choise*Digital DC Servo Motor 1/2 H.P, 1 PHASE, 110 VOLT, 0 ~3300 RPM (Style SMS-500) or *Seize motor has 1/2 horse energy, segment I, 1725RPM velocity, 110 to 220 volt transfer Press Foot LiftBy Hand:1/four” (7 mm) Via Knee:1/2″ (10 mm) Submit Peak: 7″ (178 mm) Software Needle:DPx5 #14 (Usual). ┬áMeeting required. NOT a strolling foot System.

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